Monday, March 14, 2011

The Calling of Guthlac


St. Nathan stood before the man
And all his warrior band
He softly spoke young Guthlac's name
As God's light wreathed his head like flame
His flesh, flayed from his fragile frame
He held in his right hand

Without complaint you fight and train
And march on end for days
Can you endure what I endured
While singing psalms of praise?

In rage and ruin, wreck and war
Your sword swings from on high
You know you have the strength to kill
But have you strength to die?  (Do you have strength to die?)

If you so ordered, all your men
Would charge the gates of Hell.
Your fellows follow your command
Can you command yourself?

You're brave enough to bear the brand (or "blade)
To terrorize the weak
Do you have courage great enough
To bow and become meek?

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