Monday, March 14, 2011

Prologue Sources: St. Ephrem's Lament

Say, "Woe is me, alas," O soul, and weep;
For you have an orphan so young
By the blameless fathers and righteous ascetics.
Where are our fathers?
Where are the saints?
Where are the vigilant?
Where are the sober?
Where are the humble?
Where are the meek?
Where are those who vow silence?
Where are the abstinent?
Where are those who with a contrite heart
stood before the Lord in perfect prayer,
like angels of God?
They have left here to join our holy God
with their lamps brightly burning.

Woe is us!
What times are these in which we live?
Into what sea of evil have we sailed?
Our fathers have entered the harbor of life,
that they might not see the sorrows and seductions
that overcome us because of our sins.
They are crowned, yet we slumber.
We sleep and indulge in selfish pleasures.

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