Monday, March 14, 2011

Temptation 2: Despair Over the Sin of Others


So taking Guthlac to the skies
They bade him look below
"See women who are naught but whores
And plundering, raping men in wars
Vile actions which you should deplore"
And Guthlac answered, "So?"

"These are baptized! The chrism-cross
They on their heads anoint!
Yet, see them; prideful, angry, vain,
vengeful, vicious kin of Cain ..."
Guthlac said, "Wait, now ... once again
I'm lost, boys. What's your point?"

"Your brother monks are steeped in sin
In loathsome lust and lies
They break their vows to steal a kiss
Forbidden fruit and wanton bliss..."
And Guthlac said, "Did you think this
was Eden? Paradise?"

"The Church is not a hall of saints
All pure and bright and fair.
We come here, bent and broken men
Diseased by death and stained by sin
The Church is where the cure begins (or "The Cure of souls our cure begins")
This is intensive care"

Your lies are formed from twisted truth  (Your words are wise in woven lies)
From bent tales told in part
For faithless Peter keeps the keys
There's Paul the saint, of sinners chief
And David; killer, cheater, thief;
Was after God's own heart.

The Worker will complete His work
So with one voice we say
Both warrior kin and monk en-caved
En-castled king and man enslaved
From baptized babe to saints en-graved
"We have been saved, are being saved,
And will be saved one day."

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