Monday, March 14, 2011

The Third "Temptation"


If you are servants of my King
Then fling me to the flame
Though He destroy me
Yet will I still bless His holy Name

This Flaming Flood flows from His throne
As fire and water wed
This stream that stings and salves, I'll swim
In justice sweet and grace most grim
For, I'd rather be consumed by Him
Than by your hands be fed!

My death is blest if burned before
The Fire of His face
And though a slug, I hunger for
The salt of His embrace

Like Jesus in the temple court
With tables tipped and thrown
Like when He harrowed Hades home
Or as His namesake, long ago
Like Joshua at Jericho
The walls came tumbling down


Where will you go to flee His face
Or from His presence fly?
In highest heaven, He is there
Or if in hell you lie.

Though you may take the wings of dawn
Or dwell in deepest waves
If you believe that darkest night
Shall cover all your sins from sight
For darkness cannot hide from Light
The nighttime shines as day

For this I know, that death nor life
Nor demon power nor sword
Nor that which was nor which will be
Nor height, nor depth, nor man, nor beast
Can cleave us from the love we see
In Jesus Christ our Lord


  1. "This Flaming Flood"
    -keep it. Straight and to the point.

    "This (or "In a") stream"
    -- keep "this."

    "I'd rather be consumed by Him
    Than by your hands be fed!"
    -- !!!

    "My death is sweet if razed before"
    -- ??? It jars. I know what you mean, but I don't actually know what the words mean together.

    "And though a slug, I hunger for (or "yet, still I seek")
    The salt of His embrace"
    -- Wow! Keep "hunger for." Good image with salt.

  2. - "Flaming Flood" and "this" it is.

    - I like the "consumed" line, too. I took inspiration from Hwin in "The Horse and His Boy" when she said to Aslan, "Please sir, I'd rather be eaten by You than fed by anybody else."

    - Regarding the "razed" line, how about "burned before"?