Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Considerations for the Poem

Theme: Being a Christian (ie. saint) does not mean "acting good."  Nor does it mean "doing good works."  Both of those are important and necessary for the larger goal, but they are not the goal.  Being a Christian is being transformed into Christ, becoming by grace what He is by Nature.  Theosis.  In Protestant terms, you might say it is sanctification or glorification rather than justification (although both are really the same).  Anyway, when you truly become Christian, you begin to transform the world around you.  Or, rather, the life of Christ in your begins to redeem the world around you.

  • Use as many phrases from the Old English poems as possible
  • Basic ballad form (ABCB)
    • Rhyming: A/B/C/B, A/B/C/C/C/B
    • A and C lines are 8 syllables, B lines are 6 syllables


Outline: (Read the whole poem, so far, or one section at a time.  The sections will eventually have the sources I used for inspiration.)